Waterloo Leisure Services

Skate Park Construction

The construction on Waterloo's new Skate Park is well underway with completion set for September 2020.

Mark's Park

The Mark’s Park splash pad will not be turned on this season, 2020. The size of the splash pad does not allow for the physical distancing as recommended by the CDC to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Shelter Reservations

Leisure Services will NOT be taking reservations on the shelters in City parks this year. Staff works to ensure parks are accessible during this time, just be aware staff cannot ensure shelters are disinfected and/or sterilized.

We are open 

All public courses are open with additional precautions in place to protect our patrons and employees.

Parks Covid 19 Social Distancing

More than 500 groups nationwide support safe use of parks during COVID-19 outbreak.

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Feature Attraction

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Amusement Park Tickets

The Covid-19 virus has created many uncertainties for the amusement park industry. Due to all the unknowns, Leisure Services will not be participating in the reduced priced amusement park ticket program in the 2020 season. Please check back next year for updated information.

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Waterloo Leisure Services
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Waterloo, Iowa 50701
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Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-4pm

Leisure Services Board

Term/Expiration on 3/1 of year
Brenda Durbahn - Chair  1st/2020
Bob Bamsey  1st/2021
Jadyn Spencer  1st/2021
Sharon Samec  2nd/2022
Tom Powers  1st/2020
Xavier Leonard  1st/2020
Tom Christensen  1st/2022
Paul Huting, Leisure Services Director
Dave Boesen, City Council Liason