Pesticide Applicators for EAB

Below is a list of Pesticide Applicators that are licensed in Iowa to use chemicals as a tool to eliminate pests.   These applicators have experience with injecting ash trees with pesticides to protect the trees from Emerald Ash Borer.


  • Tree Care L.L.C., Guy Gibson, 319-530-5368
  • Davey Tree, Brian Jay, 563-355-0701
  • Rindy Inc., Ed Rinderspacher, 319-631-5200
  • TRUGREEN, Angie Daugherty, 319-533-2252
  • Wapsie Pines, 319-277-9400
  • Iowa Tree Services, Rene Valverde, 319-601-0882
  • Royal Turf
  • Spray Away, Dave Hardy, 319-334-3758