Prohibited Species and Varieties

The following varieties are prohibited for use on city streets in Waterloo due to hazardous thorns, weak wood, messy fruit, susceptibility to disease or insects, or undesirable growth habits:


Ash - Fraxinus species

Cottonwoods - Populus deltoides
Poplars - Populus species
Silver Maples - Acer saccharinum
Boxelders - Acer negundo
American Elms - Ulmus americana
Chinese Elms - Ulmus parvifulia
Siberian Elms - Ulmus pumila
Hawthornes - Crataegus species (Except thornless varieties)
Locusts - Gleditsia triacanthos & Robinia pseudacacia (Except thornless & seedless varieties)
Gingkos (female) - Gingko biloba
Russian Olives - Elaeagnus angustifolia
Firs - Abies species
Junipers - Juniperus species
Larches - Larix species
Spruce - Picea species
Pines - Pinus species
Douglas Fir - Pseudotsuga species
Arborvitae - Taxus species
Yews - Thuja species
Hemlocks - Tsuga species
White Birch - Betula papyrifera
Pin Oaks - Quercus palustris
Willows - Salix species (includes Austree)
Catalpas - Catalpa speciosa


Note: This list may be updated anytime