Utility Trimming

There are a number of utilities (telephone, cable, and electric) in Waterloo that require specified clearances of vegetation from their utility lines.

The City of Waterloo is serviced by MidAmerican Energy for its electrical needs. Since tree branches can cause interruptions in electrical services by contacting power lines, MidAmerican Energy maintains adequate clearance by having these trees trimmed. MidAmerican Energy provides Waterloo residents with tree services designed to alleviate electrical hazards and improve service reliability. MidAmerican Energy’s philosophy is to prune or remove trees to maintain electric safety and reliability in an environmentally responsible manner.

The City of Waterloo’s forestry crew does not trim for utility lines. If a resident feels that trimming is needed for a utility line, please contact the appropriate utility directly:

MidAmerican Energy 1-888-427-5632
CenturyLink 1-800-244-1111
Mediacom 1-800-332-0245